Lisa Darbinyan

Lisa Darbinyan was born in Kazan in 1991.

She studied at the Kazan Art School at the Department of Painting and the St. Petersburg Stieglitz Academy of Art and Design at the Department of Artistic Ceramics and Glass.

Now the artist is working on creation of graphics, animation films and ceramic objects in St.-Petersburg.

The world is full of information and noises of all kinds, and to give the spectator a break to relax from the screams of the surrounding world and to be in silence, I create works in a minimalist style.  I am convinced that the inner essence of things is silence, stillness and absolute purity; therefore, to get closer to the truth, which everyone desires consciously or not, can only be possible through silence – external and internal.

The line in my philosophy is something fragile, changeable, capricious, almost casual, and I can describe the physical world surrounding us with the same words; this is why all figures in my works are recreated with the help of a line.

The background of all my drawings is white. This color contains all the colors of the rainbow, and for me it is a symbol of silence that contains all the existing sounds. The white color in my works represents pervasive silence, absolute harmony that permeates the fiber of reality.  My message: the world is illusory, and the truth of life is beyond the visible forms.